Our village Pindsultani is one of the most famous village in Attock district. It is located at 100KM from Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

Total area of Pindsultani is 85,949 Kenal, it includes the area of ‘kala chitta’ mountain. Total population of PindSultani is 13,000 approximatly.

Main source of earning for most of the population is agriculture; people sow wheat, peanuts, melons, maize, jawar, barley and other food items.

Pindsultani have produced so many outstanding personalities, you will find details for different people on dignitaries section under information.

How it was named?

Pindsultani’s old name was “Pind Sultan”. It mean “The place where kings live”.

There are two important historical reports about this name:

1) The famous Muslim conqueror Mehmood Ghaznavi knows as the first Muslim king in history who got the surname of “Sultan”. While passing through here the Sultan stayed on a rigid. This rigid is still here and knows as “Dehri”.

After the departure of Sultan this village becomes famous as “Pind Sultan”. Later on the name converted to “Pind Sultani”.

This report is confirmed by the famous poet of Attock Zulfiqar Ali Khunjar in his famous book “3 Darwish”.

2) Aged people of this village say this area was a past way of the kings in the past. They add that kings used to stay on the “Dehri”. The kind did so to check the surroundings area. Slowly the local inhabitant started calling it “Pind Sultan”. Later on Pind Sultan become Pindsultani.

In Hindi language Pind means Village and Sul tan means “King”.