Shaheed-a-Pindsultani Daud Mustafai

Sardar Muhammad Daud Mustafi sb has showed us that we need to be brave enough to take stand for the right, they have given us courage and it will go long for people of pindsultani and others. May his soul rest in peace.

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Today after Jumma namaz protest held by Pindsultani people against KILLING of Dawood Mustafai Sb.
At main bus stop rally was held and Dr.Tahir Ayub Khan addressed the rally that we are peaceful people; we don’t believe in weapons and other criminals activities.
He more added that administration didn’t get this that we are afraid or wearing bangles, it’s our positive approach and passion that we are adopting the constitutional ways.
He more added that if the culprits will not be punished or if any cheating occurred by administration and if more blood is required like Dawood Mustafai then 1st of all my blood will be available.
Later all the participants appreciate and gave oath to Dr.Tahir to be in same line.
Later Hafiz Mehar Khan and Qari Ghulam haider said in their speeches to not forgive the Ameer and his company in this aggressive approach to destroy the destiny of people of Pindsultni.

From JI Arif Iqbal also address the rally and condemn the killing and share emotions to the people of rally. He more added that Dr Raziq Dad Khan the family member of Ameer is also coming today in Jand and will do press conference against this culprit Ameer.
He more added that Dr Raziq was suppose to participate here but due to late flight he can’t capture this rally.
I was also participant in the rally and we all get together for this cause.

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