6 thoughts on “پنڈ سلطانی میں چھٹی سالانہ ختم نبوت کانفرنس

  1. Physical defect should not be ridiculed in what seems to be a serious article about the finality of the Prophethood. God has created Adam with his own hands as Holy Quran has taught us. All perfections and weaknesses in His creatures are from Him and therefore should not be criticized. When we laugh at some one having a physical defect we actually laugh at the Almighty Creator. Mirza Ghulam Ahmed’s distorted ideas and grotesque claims should be criticized not his one eye! Blasphemy and finality of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) are two different issues which have been very miserably intermingled in this article. Blasphemy is a very sensitive issue and should not be sensationalized in the way writer of this article has tried to do! Being a student of Media I closely studied, observed and followed ‘Rimsha Masih Blasphemy Case’ of Islamabad and was dismayed to witness the outcome of the case which proved that the Imam mosque was real blasphemer not Rimsha Masih. We should condemn all those who misuse blasphemy law as vehemently as we condemn those who commit blasphemy. By sensationalizing blasphemy issue we serve no one but these hateful misusers of Blasphemy law!

  2. Dear Preshan! Ap meri Bat Ko Nhi Samajh Sky. 1st: Agr Ap Tamam AMBIA’s ki History Dekhen To Apko Maloom Ho Ga k Nabi Hamesha Apny Wqt ki Aala Treen Qaom sy Hota hy. Ap Last Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (saw) ko Dekhen to wo b Apny wqt ki AAla Treen Qaom sy he thy………. 2nd: Nabi Hamesha Khobsorat b hota hy…. 3rd: Nabi hamesha Physically Fit hota hy… comments ka shukria

  3. Dear Mr Malik! I am still unable to comprehend your point. By saying that God has sent his prophets in “Aala Aqwam” only you are making a very confusing statement. Do you want to say that God has created and divided humanity into Aala and Adna Aqwam? If we accept your view point then we will be left with no option but to believe that God is not just (Nauz Billah) because He divides human beings into superior and inferior categories! In my opinion all men are equal before the Almighty creator, no one is superior no one is inferior! The wrongful concept of superior and inferior was devised by the feudalistic imerial powers in order to suppress weak nations. It has got nothing to do with the just teachings of Islam.
    Coming to your 2nd point that Nabi is always handsome I only want to add that concept of being beautiful varies from land to land, nation to nation, race to race. Beauty is a relative term. A person considered beautiful in one country or continent may have no value in some other country or continent. All nations, races, ethnicities have their own criteria of being beautiful. So what would be our criteria of a universal beauty? I think no such criteria exists!
    Your 3rd point is also confounding. We have learned that some prophets were amputated by the enemies of God thus leaving them physically unfit according to your criteria. I wonder what physical fitness has got to do with the prophetic mission of changing the minds and hearts of people!


  5. I wonder whether you are unwilling or unable to comprehend my point. Islam doesn’t believe in superiority or inferiority of castes and tribes. This true religion divides humanity into two groups: those who believe in God and those who do not. The first group is superior in the eyes of Almighty. A black slave obeying God is far superior than a handsome Qureshi Abu Lahab who refuses to accept Allah. So the idea that some castes, tribes, ethnicites etc are superior than others is false.

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