5 thoughts on “پنڈ سلطانی کی ایک علم دوست شخصیت ، حاجی دوست محمد خان

  1. A.O.A Sir,

    Well Done Abdul Malik Sb,

    Mujhay is bat par fakhar hay k main ap jaisi azeem shakhsiat ka shagird hon.

    Haji Dost Muhammad Sb bhi aik azeem shakhsiat hain. Main nay un jaisay English Grammer ka koi teacher nihin dakhay. Woh waqi hi bohut mukhlis aur iman dar shaks hain. Allah un ko sehat aur lambi umer ata farmain.

  2. Very fine Haji Dost Muhammad Khan sab very honourable and respectable personality of pindsultani. He is honest, dedicated and devoted professional in teaching and it is need for our teacher community and young generation to follow him. May Almighty Allah bless him with happy, healthy and prosperous longevity. Very nice Abdul Malik Bhai May Allah give your more opportunities to pay tribute to our elders in your columns. Thanks

  3. No doubt, a real introduction added by Abdul malik sb, Haji Dost Muhammad KHAN is an eminent and dedicated professional in education department. The said personality is a major asset of education department and Attock as well.
    May God bless Haji Dost Muhammad KHAN with long and healthy life and attributes to Mr. Abdul Malik KHAN for such noble efforts. Thanks

  4. Haji Dost Muhammad Khan is a great personality in education department. I am really proud of being as his student. He has teach us English Grammar in 10Th class. I have learnt many things of great qualities from him. Our young generation should follow him so they can succeed in life.
    Abdul Malik Sb you are doing a great job. Please also write the column on the life of KHAWAJA KHUDA BAKHSH (LATE). I hope this will be already in your mind as well.


    Thanks & Regards,

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