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  1. اچھا آرٹیکل ہے لیکن زیادہ تر قیاس کے گھوڑے دوڑائے گئے ہیں۔ تحقیق میں اگر مگر سے زیادہ توانا دلائل اور مضبوط ثبوتوں کی ضرورت ہوتی ہے۔ ویسے سلطان غزنوی کے اخلاق اچھے تھے یہ کہاں سے پتہ چلا 🙂


    ITS nice to read your article,.you are appriciated to write about roots of village.. iwant to add some points which may be fruit ful for your research.
    #1. i personally visit that ancient graveyard of dhoke walian years back.hve you noticed the” lenth of graves” there which is 6feet or more than that .it shows that population at the time was tall heighted..it need further concentration for reseach.
    #2.population choose area due to excess water therereasons behind elimination of that population may be famine ;plague etc
    #3.but there is need to reserch about connection between that population and current village pindsultani.or any other village like “AURANGAABAD’
    #4.HISTORY reveals that sultan ghazanvi never used these tracks..instead he used ancient ways which alexender the great used crossing indus river ,harrow river taxila etc .i think he need nt to prefer these routes.
    #5.PINDSULTANI,………WORD SULTANI, MEANS RELEATED TO SULTAN,which were the title of muslim rulers like salateen e delhi.so it is not compulsary that sultan mehmood ghazanvi explore that village,
    #6 according to history renowned book “TAREEKH E FARISHTA” mehmood ghaznvi was not a kind muslim ruler instead he was cruel ,he aattacked india seven times for the sake of wealth nothing else..”MURDER OF HISTORY” BY DRK.K AZIZ is also a reference…beside that you are well aware how he treated “FIRDOSI” AFTER COMPILING “SHAH NAMA”.
    any how welldone from your side being pioneer to initiate the reserch about identity of village on pindsultani.com
    your criticism and suggestion are wellcome.
    i should be v pleased if could help in your research.there are certain interesting historical facts materials and evidences which would made your research fruitful,indeed it is duty of all village fellows to take part in that.
    WAQAS AZIZ..MSc agriculture.
    work in punjab cooperative bank;jand

    [email protected]

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