5 thoughts on “پنڈ سلطانی ۔۔۔۔ وجہ تسمیہ اور تاریخ ۔ پہلا ھصہ

  1. Subhan Allah. I highly appreciate your research work. Time has come when the sons of Pindsultani have started reflecting. This is an excellent beginning, Allah has blessed our vill with scholars like you. We must get together think for the betterment of sweet village especially down trodden people. Very welldone Abdul Malik.

  2. Interesting Article but its first sentence “pind sultani ka shumar zila attock k tareekhi qasboon mein hota hai laikin is ki wazih tarikh kaheen dastiab nain ” is very amusing! How can be a village historical when information about its history is in fog? 🙂

  3. Thank u mr Preshan Gul! mera matlab ye hy k mery village ki history kisi book m likhi hoi nhi…..ye nhi k history hy he nhi.. mera maqsad he ye history wazeh and ek jaga ekatha krna hy. introduce ur self plz.

  4. @ Abdul Malik…..
    Sir I got your point. I am a so-called Prof 🙂 and I remain preshan most of the time! I am your co-villager! Your articles are nice just keep up your efforts!

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