12 thoughts on “پنڈ سلطانی — وجہ تسمیہ اور تاریخ – دوسرا حصہ

  1. well done sir Allah apko mazeed toufeeq ataa farmaey k aap is kaavish ko mazeed ahsan tareeqay se aagay barhaen Ameen.

  2. very fine effort,,,
    waited for the second part anxiously and glad dat its worth reading …..
    “pindsultani pass”…….interesting stuff

  3. there is ambiguty whether mehmod ghaznavi built the dhairy or some one else..i think it dates back before ghazanvi by hindus…sultan is title not attributed to mehmood ghaznvi there was a sultanit period in indian sub cont.hitory eveals that all the foreign invaders adopt taxila gandhara tract after crossing indus.its worthless to choose tortious track of jandal..any how nice effort specially term you have coined pidsultani pass is amazing as well satirical.

  4. Dear admin just…
    you have removed a comment related this article,,, i think we should broadly accept the criticism if any…. i think that wasn’t as wrong that you removed it….anyway its your right….

    1. dear shahid bahi,
      i didnt remove any comment…it may not have been approved yet…i will check and activate

  5. AOA. Sir… Aap ni kia he umda likha he.. Pindsultani k bare shaid he itna ilam kisi ko is sy pehly ho,,, hawalajaat sy darj bala kutab k mutala ka shoq peda hoa hy. “Makhad qabal az maseh ta 2009” or “Tarekh sarzamen e Attock” kaha’n sy hasil ke he’n Hamry pass Library me hazaro kutab hen lekin ye nehe mile’n

  6. article ki line no 4 mn ghalti sy word “ROI” likha gia hy. ye word Roi nhi balky “ROTI” (BREAD)hy..

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