Congratulations to Dr.Azmat Hayat Khan


Congratulations to Dr.Azmat Hayat Khan who has recently completed his PHD in Meteorology.

He graduated from the Department of Mathematic University of the Punjab in 1987. He started his career in 1990 as meteorologist. He worked in various capacities in Pakistan Meteorological Deptt (PMD) and presently Head of Remote Sensing and ICT Centre and Director of National Drought Monitoring Centre of PMD. Dr Khan has published more than 27 research articles in peer reviewed journals and conference proceedings. His present research activities are focused on drought monitoring and prediction. He is also a member of WMO information system (WIS), SAARC STORM project, SAARC monsoon initiative program and Asia Pacific Satellite Applications Program. He did his MS in Meteorology from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad in 2008. Later, he enrolled for PhD in 2011 in CIIT earned Ph.D degree in Meteorology from COMSATS Islamabad.

He conceived four projects on “strengthening early warning system in Pakistan” and won funding from international donors (SLMP/GEF, WFP, RIMES and UNDP) during the last three years. At national level, he is member of Committee on Mainstreaming DRR and Technical Committee on multi-hazard mapping project.

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