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    1. Hi,
      Thanks, Its just launched and we are trying to add as many content as we can. I have took some pictures from yesterday’s tour of pindsultani and will add those shortly.

  1. Ujala trust Pindsultani is a social welfare organization,created by young,energetic and educated fellows of village.main objectives of organization is to create the awareness among people about cleanliness, hygiene of good health and education, poverty reduction.for demonstration all the members of organization manually sweep out the main streets and also extract out garbage and silt from sewerage drains.it proved an innovative effort.feedback was positive and encouraging..organization is without any political,religious affiliation.members are highly educated govt.college lecturer, school teachers and university students.so dignitaries of village are requested to join the org. specially doctors.for further information contact. Mr.Tanveer sajjad.(03326364605)lecturer GOVT COLLEGE.JAND suggestions are wellcomed.waqas aziz(Msc.AGRICULTURE)

  2. Dear Mukhta Haider Sb,
    Wa alaikam asalam,
    I can not understand yet,can u plz let me explain,
    Best Regards & Thanx

  3. Yasir Arafat sab how r u are u know me am akram from Jaso I appreciate ur contribution/suggestions on this site


  4. Dear Akram Sb

    ALHAMDOLILLAH me fine by the grace of ALLAH,also thanks for appreciating, I want to give 1st credit to Mr.Atiq Web-Hive CEO,who is taking care of this site by using his skill.
    its true that this will remain history.
    and we are now part of making history, and in future ll be part of history.
    so in this sense its also my my wish to play positive role here.


    Best Regards

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