6 thoughts on “Pindsultani k Baba Sain Nawab Khan

  1. JazakAllah khair for writing beautiful words for our late father. He was a humble person with no worldly desires.
    May Allah Pak grant him a higher place in jannat and make us a sadqa e jaria for him.
    Because of his selfless nature Almighty blessed him with true friends like Rashid bhai and all others. Whatever Haq Nawaz bhai did , sometimes real sons fail to do. Our family is very much humbled and obliged to all these wonderful people. May Allah Pak give them great ajjar for their love and services to our father.
    Once again thanks a lot MR ABDUL MALIK sahab for your kind words and appreciation for our father.

  2. ماشا۶اللہ زبردست۔
    سرعبدالمالک صاحب کو االلہ سلامت رکھے انتظار رہتا ہے انکے کالمز کا۔

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