Shaheed-a-Pindsultani Daud Mustafai

Sardar Muhammad Daud Mustafi sb has showed us that we need to be brave enough to take stand for the right, they have given us courage and it will go long for people of pindsultani and others. May his soul rest in peace.

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Today after Jumma namaz protest held by Pindsultani people against KILLING of Dawood Mustafai Sb.
At main bus stop rally was held and Dr.Tahir Ayub Khan addressed the rally that we are peaceful people; we don’t believe in weapons and other criminals activities.
He more added that administration didn’t get this that we are afraid or wearing bangles, it’s our positive approach and passion that we are adopting the constitutional ways.
He more added that if the culprits will not be punished or if any cheating occurred by administration and if more blood is required like Dawood Mustafai then 1st of all my blood will be available.
Later all the participants appreciate and gave oath to Dr.Tahir to be in same line.
Later Hafiz Mehar Khan and Qari Ghulam haider said in their speeches to not forgive the Ameer and his company in this aggressive approach to destroy the destiny of people of Pindsultni.

From JI Arif Iqbal also address the rally and condemn the killing and share emotions to the people of rally. He more added that Dr Raziq Dad Khan the family member of Ameer is also coming today in Jand and will do press conference against this culprit Ameer.
He more added that Dr Raziq was suppose to participate here but due to late flight he can’t capture this rally.
I was also participant in the rally and we all get together for this cause.

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  1. Bichra kuch is ada sy rit he badal gai
    Ik shaksh sary shaher ko viran kar gia.

    dedicated to Sardar Muhammad Daud Mustafi Shaheed.

    Allah Marhoom ke maghfirat kary awr lowaheqeen ko sabr-i-jameel dy.

  2. Inna Lillah e wainna ilehi rajioon
    May his soul rest in peice
    unki Amomi Khidmaat or khasosan Tehreek e Khatme Nubawat me khidmaat ko hamesha yad rakhengy

  3. MAY ALLAH (S.W.T) REST HIS SOUL IN PEACE.Murderer should be capitally punished.

  4. We should not let his sacrifice go in vain, we are with his family…stay united!

  5. qatil ne hm se bhut qeemti banda cheen lia ha…insha Allah wo b nhe bache ga…Allah dawood sb ke maghfirat frmae..Aamen

  6. HAQ MAGHFIRAT KARAY………. This is the occasion when people of Pindsultani can proove them as a brave and solid community amongst nation as well as the international community. Allah bless all Muslim Ummah and whole world too.


  8. Ina Lillah . May Allah Bless him . Its time for people of Pindsultani to Unite against these mafias& killers and chase them upto their fate

  9. Ameen. I will say we shall stand together and take our revenge from the enemy. He was great and brave leader of our Pind. Salute to Shaheed Daud Mustafai…

  10. Zulm bchay jan rha hay kocha o bazaar mein….
    adl ko b sahib e olaad hona chaheay….

  11. Allah pak Shaheed ki maghfarat farmaey, Ameen. Ye bhut bahadur insaan thay. Allah Insaaf karay ga aur zalim jald grift mein aey gain.

  12. Mustafai teray jan nissar…. Be shumar be shumar….. May his soul rest in piece.salute to shaheed_e_pindsultani,dawood mustafai



    dedicated to Dawood Mustafae Shaheed

  14. Itne zulm k bawajood bhi abhi tak police sirf procedure aur qanoon k bahanay bana kar Zalim Ameer ko arrest nahin kar rahi. As per Dawn Jun 7, Ameer abhi tak Shikarpur main chhupa hua hai aur police arrest nahin kar saki. why people of pindsultani are not protesting? Shahadat ko zaia na janay do aur zalim k arrest tak chain se na baitho. arrest ki afwahoon per kan na dharo.

  15. ظلم اور زیادتی کے سامنے خاموشی سب سے بڑا ظلم ھے، علاقے کے غریب اور متوسط لوگوں کو باھم مل کر اپنے آپکو طاقتور اور بااثر طبقے کے استحصال سے محفوظ رکھنا ھوگا
    داؤد مصطفائی کے قتل پر سراپا احتجاج بننے والوں کو سلام

  16. Allah hum sab ma Duad Mustafai jaisa josh, un jaisa himat wala kam karney ki taqat da…. Ameen

  17. might be DPO is lying, make it confirm. please anyone has any prove, let me know it..

  18. Even if DPO has announced, it doesn’t confirm that he is arrested, some body should get visual confirmation.

  19. DPO had announced on 3rd day of murder in front of all pindsultani residants… but it is heared that he is not arrested yet… Pindsultani people should protest on major level……………… they shouldnt b quiet on this cruelty

  20. yeah it is…. DPO should should give visual confirmation in front of people……

  21. mashallah
    Allah hum sab ma Duad Mustafai jaisa josh, un jaisa himat wala kam karney ki taqat da…. Ameen

  22. Culprit still not arrested and people are quiet. If this time he is not arrested, he will have a courage to kill many more people and our judges and police will keep on promoting cruelty (Zulm).

  23. FIR muj par hoi hai me sardar ameer ka beta hon pehly ye confirm kar lo ky ye qatal kis na kia hai .my name is abbas.aek musalman bhae ki jan lyna zulm hai but jhote fir ku hoi hai.quran par bat honi chahye or asal qatil ko saza malni chahye.ghar jalaya gea hai quran jalae gaye hain kaha ka insaf hai,pehly cnfirme karen kis ny qatal kia hai.

  24. Mr Abbas agr tum kehtey ho ka tum na qatal ni kia to apna baap ko hamarey samney lao. Gaon sa bhagey keun, agr sachey hotey ko gar ma rehtey. himmat ha samney aao, srf batain karney sa kuch ni hota, ye bhool jao ka tum apney gaon ma dobara qadam rakh sako ga. wo gar ab tumhara ni raha..
    to phrr rona kis bat ka.
    tum na Mustafai Sb ka qatal ni Poori Pindsultani ka qtal kia ha

  25. Mr.Abbas…Nobody shud take law into there own hands but if u r not guilty then u shouldnt have left village and should handover urslef to authorities and get ur names cleared.

  26. mera khayal main abbas khan thek khay rha hy nd mr pindsultani yar sirf wo bolo jo pora kr sakoo jo b houa bht bura houa JIS ny b AMMER KHAN and un ki family ko phanasnny ki shazizh ki hy ALLAH UN ko b saza dy and I must say k daood sb aik acha shaks thay ALLAH un ko jannat main jaga dy ur

  27. mr atiq i m innocent,qualified person,they people burnt my house ,insulted ,,they want make me terriost,vo gao chorny ka tima tha,agar gaon na chorty to aag na lagany dety mamlat mazeed kharab ho jaty,ye ap logo ka kam hai ky un ky qatal ma begunah log mulawis na kiay jaen balky haq par bat ho insha ALLAH me apni be gunahi proof karon ga

  28. mr pind sultani tum itny bahadar hoty to apna nam likhty or qatal nahi kia,baqi jo bat hai vo apki bhool hai that is it me mazeed koi bat screen par nahi lata,itna hai ky me be gunah hon baqi bap samny hai an no problem

  29. pind sultani sahib apky sath mere zati dushmani nahi hai ap kud is baat ko verify karen ky me sach keh raha hon,baqi jahan tak bat ghar ki hai ALHAMDULALAH vo ghar ALLAH ka hai or mera hai , hazar baar ao ga kuky me begunah hon or kon kia kare ga ye baad ki baat hai

  30. Mr. Abbas if u and ur father are innocent than u should have enough courage to face people ….

  31. Allah Pak Mr. Daud Mustafae ki shahadat ko kbi raegaan nae kre ga.. or In shaa Allah culprit ko sakht saza mille g dunia k law main b or Allah k han b

  32. Dear all concerned,I must try to make it very clear that whosoever has killed Daud Mustafai has done absolutely wrong and culprit should be behind the bars.Secondly,the way in which people of pindsultani burnt the house of Sardar Ameer Khan is not appreciable because until and unless court proves guilty it is extremely bad to take law into one’s hands.In developed countries,it never happens that go and fight or take revenge by yourself.Everyone has to go into courts and get the things done under the umbrella of Law.I must ask one question from every person who is or was involved in act of setting house on fire that was sardar ameer khan or his son sardar abbas khan present at the time of assassination?

  33. Dear All,

    House of Ameer Khan was burnt by minority and we (majority of people of pindsultani) condemn all that. Law shouldn’t have been taken into hand by those.
    But what we need is justice, this brutal killing can not be gone un-noticed, if it does then this type of killings will go on and on…

  34. we all are committed to blood of Daood Mustafai for sake of human rights, we can never put it back.

  35. Sorry to say,none of you has responded to my question. Was Sardar Ameer Khan or his son Sardar Abbas Khan present at the time of assassination? Did anybody see them over there? Why this dispute erupted? Who is the real owner of the land where dispute commenced and resulted death of Daud Mustafai?

  36. what ever was the issue,in which religious its authorized to kill any body ?????????
    killer where stands in society???
    what is the position of murderer in constitution and in ISLAM ??

  37. I am puzzled to see your misleading questions and answers.I have asked very simple question that was Sardar Ameer Khan or his son Sardar Abbas Khan present at the time of assassination?Did anybody see them over there?Then we shall discuss about position of murderer in Islam and constitution.
    Moreover,it is again very important to know that why skirmishes erupted and who is the real owner of that land?
    Please respond me to the point so that I can help you to arrest the killer.

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