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  1. Its been very pleasant news when I first heard about this organization few years back and ever since they have proved it to be a success.

    May Allah give you a lot more success!


  2. MASHALLAH Rabnwaz sab bhot achy ilfaz main apny taaruf biyan kiya ujala trust ka mujhy bhot khushi hoe or ALLAH sy dua hy k apko or is trust main jitny b log kam kar rahy hain or jo taawun kar rahy hain ALLAH sabko kamiyabi ata farma a aameen

  3. Rabnawaz Sb

    I am with you in this cause and INSHALLAH our village will become model soon. Rest what ever I can do I will do.
    Great news that now people are aware with global net and at https://www.pindsultani.com we are getting more writter. INSHALLAH we will do good.


  4. Thats a very positive move n great work so 4. All the projects of the trust must be under observation as at some stage something might need some sort of re-attention.

  5. Naveed Sb,
    JazakAllah.yes may be you are right.

    Sami Sb,
    I request to all of you to support practically to arrange one Ambulance for our Pind Sultani under supervision of Ujala Trust and in this regard please submit your donations to Rabnawaz Sb +923465912422


    Kind Regards

  6. Thats the right way to appreciate donate ur devotions as well ur little part of money fo ambulance service n do part of this compaign n do gave message to ur lovd ones ur friends n family.

  7. nahi hy na umeed iqbal apni kisht e viran sy .zara nm ho to ye miti bri zrkhaiz hy saqi-….best of good luck rabnawaz sb show ur talent and give positive approach for every one .be active and runs fast in these activities and also copy to our elder how did they done their duties with style and mode and play a long inning and ll make a century

  8. Sir Rubnawaz sb A.O.A
    aap bila shubba aik azeem kam kar rahy hain. Iss ka sila sirf Allah Pak ki Zatt hi aap ko day sakti hay. thanks

  9. MashaALLAH . Good work by people of p.s .
    Ksi b org ko zinda rakhna k lia khuch cheezo ke zarort hote . Js ma sub sy important cheez k aam log (awam ) ap k sth ho .
    Wu kb sth ho gy ya ks tra ya ap muj sy zadia ache tra jante ha.
    Q k agr ma ny khuch kaha to khush log kehya gy k ma tanqed kr ra hun .
    Aqal mand lia . . . .

  10. Assalamo Alaikum
    Ujala Trust k hawalay sa main ye arz krun ga k ye bahot achi kawish hai .main is trust ki intizamia ki khidmat main ye arz karun k ap ko ALLAH AZZAWAJAL is ka bahtreen ajar ata farmay amin .mali muamlat k hawalay say main ye arz krta chalun k pindsultani k log aasani say is trust ko khud kafeel bana saktay hain .agar har aadmi ye zehen bana lay k main apni mahinay ki income say kam az kam 1000 ya 500 rupay ujala trust ko du ga to yaqinan bahot aasani ho jai gi .

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