Health Department

Government Medical Center:
Basic health unit (B.H.U) pindsultani.
Medical officer: Dr. Rashid Ul Hassan
Phone: 0572016146

Private Medical Stores

Ahbab Madical Store

Propriter: Zahid Riaz

Phone: 0572630495

Rasheed Madical Store

Propriter:Abdul Rasheed

Phone: 0572630240

Rehman Madical Store

Propriter: Noor Zaman


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  1. Needs To Be Improve..
    .Image of M.Asif s/o M.Yousuf is wrongly placed at M.Asif s/o Allah Dad.
    .Image of M.Afzaal Lateef s/o M.Lateef is 2ndly placed at M.Afzal s/o Nawab Khan.

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