How Polygamy is treated in Islamic law and in Pakistani law

Polygamy is simply a martial state in which a man is married to more than one wife. Polygamy is permitted in Islam but only in this situation where you can provide maintence, to all wives equally .. As Almighty Allah says
“If you fear that you should not be able to deal justly with the orphans marry women of your choice two, or three or four, but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with them marry only one” 3:4

Many other Islamic countries like Turkey and Tunisia ban the polygamy. Turkey was the first Muslim country to legally ban polygmay in 1926. This decision was not based on religious reasons, but rather was an entirely secular ban. Tunisia was the next country to ban polygamy through legislation passed in 1956 and restated in 1964. Unlike Turkey, Tunisia banned polygamy on religious ground. Citing two main reasons. First, the Quran limited the practice of polygamy , thus it did not support the practice and clearly intended for the practice to be eliminated over time. Second the Quran demands equal treatment of all wives in a polygamous marriage, which is impossible thus making the practice illegal. Finally, Israel banned Polygamy as well by 1978. Some countries , including India, Iran Iraq Bangladesh, Algeria , Lebanon , Morocco Tordan and Kuwait , allow man to include clause prohibiting polygamy in marriage contracts.

Muslim feminism is a fairly new movement even though women s right issue have been at the forfront of social reform for a while..According to Muslim feminist Islamic polygamy was meant to curtail the practice that was already widespread in pre-islamic times conquering rules would collect massive harems of women and treat them without any respect whereas Islam reduced the allowable amount of wives each husband could have and required that he treat them equally.
Islamic communities in Asia , such as Indonesia and Malaysia , have also experienced feminist movement which work to restrict polygenous pratices Fatayat NU , a voluntray Muslim women organization was created in 1950 for middle aged women who were a part of Nahdlatual Ulama a sunni Islam group and wanted to have a voice. Fatyat NU cities serval hadiths in which Muhmmad P.B.U.H opposed the polygnouus practices of his followers as evidence for why it is not truly Islamic pratice one hadith states “When the husband of Fatima , Ali Ibn Abi Talib wanted to marry again the prophet was angry. He summoned ‘Ali Ibn Abi Talib He said . For your information , Fatima is my child if Fatima is troubled I’m also troubled.If Fatima suffers I also suffers.Don’t you ever marry anyone but Fatima. And Ali Abi Talib did not do so”
As far as we see the polygamy law in Pakistan we should have to changing the polygamy law in Pakistan. Muslim Family Law section six has laid down “that no married man Contract a second marriage without the permission of Arbitration Council , which shall ensure that the man had good grounds for second marriage and had obtained his first wife’s permission to do so” . So, why are those lucky men, and more so the second wives still hated and unappreciated by the firsts wives in various cases. Pakistan is under developing country where people are unaware of their rights. Specially women of Pakistan did not have any idea about their rights. In various cases the men attained the consent of first women with coercion.
Generally , there is no interest to know about the rights and obligations. It is only realized when the issue of second marriage or divorce arise. I would say even than a women ‘s voice is suppressed by the family members. Many times she compromises because there is no permission in the Government to support her survival. A woman with children suffers worse..
And in our society many people consider it as a religious practice to have more than one wives. Our religion has laid down a certain set of rules for those who are to follow.. Picking out the things we like and leaving out the things we don’t approve of is just dishonoring the whole concept of faith.If the Quran , Hadith, Sunnah and Sharaih have all clarified on a stance , then why is there a debate about the 18th century, the 19th century the 20th century or the 21st for that matter.
Women are in no way inferior to men, their status and respect is second to non . But unfortunately, they have been objectified for a very long time and its just getting the worse and the worse part is that now these women , themselves are the ones responsible for all this they are promoting this objection of all the other woman by promoting the exploitation of their own kind in all modes of media.
Our Religion has clearly laid down the rules for everything in life its just a matter of getting out of this 21st centurion thought process and accepting the true essence of life , that is our religion.

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