7 thoughts on “Muhammad Daud Mustafai ki yad ma

  1. Great work Rab Nawaz sb, Thanks Ashraf for typing it and Thanks to Fahad Adeel Qazi for doing the “nok pluk” for all our columns…

  2. No doubt Daod Mustafai Sb’s whole life is not just admirable but we must follow the rules he taught us. He gave us a way to follow and that way lead us to the society of Falah, Peace and a real Nizam E MUSTAFA Salallaho Alaihe Wasallam. He was a great man of courage and faith. He was a real Momin And Aashiq E RASOOL Salallaho Alaihe Wasallam.

    Thanks to Rab Niwaz sb for his contribution in this precious topic. Nice work

  3. In simple Daud Mustafai Shaeed was a great person n showed way to his people that this is the right way to live .
    Khud to chala gya magar
    logon k dillon me sada zinda reh gya
    Allah pak Daud Mustafai ki kurbani ko apni bargah me kbul kare n nice effort by Rubnwaz sb

  4. Good effort bhai jan.But as we know that daud sb is a role model for our youngster and spent his whole life in danger. he always play role against crulity and evil.he achieved a number of targets during his life.so we must relate his courageous and bold decisions with a special efforts in the shape of book.it is my opinion and dream. and we also follow and copy the bright lines where from of our beloved brother.and you also continue your efforts in this side . good luck

  5. Very nice Rabnawab Sab. Shaheed Muhammad Daud Mustafai is the symbol of courage and braveness. He is great personality and brother of poor & helpless people. And now it is the duty of the youth of Pindsultani to follow the mission of their great brother and carry on his struggle against cruality sothat his soul can satisfy and happy. Inshallah

  6. slam main dawood sahib k bahot qarib to ni raha par mara zati ahsas ye hai k wo apni life ma aisay dikhtay ni thay k itnay log un say mhbt kartay hain aur main na jin logo sa unki zindagi main unki burayan suni wo unki shadat par unkay gun ga rhay thay.yaqinan ye ALLAH AZZAWAJAL ka un pa karam hai .k itni dunya unki mhbt main griftaar hai .unki shadat say maximum 2 month pahlay mari un say mulaqat hui unho na mja bharpur shafqat say nawaza .us waqt main soch bhi na sakta tha k wo un hum say bichar jain gay .par qanoone qudrat hai k har zi nafs ko mautka maza chakna hai.ALLAH AZZAWAJAL unki maghfirat farmay .par main pindsultani k logon specialy young generation sa puchta hun k ap nay us azeem shakhs ki shadat sa kiya sikhA .MAIn replies ka wait karun ga

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